The Rachel Books are a series of twenty stories about a young teenager growing up in life.  

The author, Ralph Tromp, is a proud grandfather who was inspired by his granddaughters to entertain other children through story telling.

These books are available individually or in a set. They are available as a downloadable E-book for $5 each, in print as a hard copy for $10 each, or a personalized hard copy with your daughter’s name and picture for only $15.  If you would like the entire set, please email Ralph for details.

Please view the website and click on all the titles for more details of each.  There is certainly something for everyone!

Books can be personalized with your daughter’s name!


*If you are ordering a download book -> after you complete your PayPal transaction, you must immediately click on the link that says “Return to ralphhtrompsr@yahoo.com” to be taken to your download page.


**If you are ordering a customized book, please email ralphhtrompsr@yahoo.com with the child’s name and also attach the picture you want on the front page of the book.